5 Pure 100% English Hexagonal Beeswax Bars | Hand Poured Hexagonal Beeswax Bars | English 100% Pure Beeswax.

5 Pure 100% English Hexagonal Beeswax Bars

SKU: BSC-NBW-50-001
  • Material

    Wax type: Beeswax


    5 Hand poured 50g (approx.) hexagonal beeswax bars using the finest pure English Beeswax.

    Uses for these beeswax bars include:

    • As a rub on garden tools to prevent rusting

    • Make your own fire starters/lighters

    • Coat nails and screws to prevent the wood from splitting

    • Water and weatherproof hats, untreated leather bags, boots, and jackets

    • Do you sew? Use beeswax on your thread to make it easier to thread your needle. Also good for beading and leather-work

    • Green fingered? Use as an ingredient for making natural tree grafting wax

    • Use as a lubricant on drawers and hinges.• Blend with other oils for furniture polish

    • Polish shoes and boots

    With the environment always in mind, I keep my packaging to a minimum and only use packaging that is made of reusable or recyclable materials.