Keep Calm & take time out this Autumn before getting ready for the Festive Season

That's it, Halloween and Bonfire Night are over. What’s next? Oh yes, the festive season – eek! But wait, how about we start a new trend – called taking time out to #unwind and #indulge in a bit of #metime. With everything that has happen over the last couple of years we really need to take care of ourselves. Christmas is magical but can also be stressful, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Here are a couple of activities to give something back to yourself.

Take some time outdoors

Spending time outside with #nature will give you a much needed boost. If you can, go for a walk and have a look around, nature is everywhere. And if you see a pile of fallen leaves, well you must kick your way through them!

If you’re lucky to have a garden – get out there! Tidy and close the garden down for winter. Don’t tidy your garden too much, leave some areas messy and include fallen leaves to help hibernating animals and give shelter to insects and bugs.

If it’s a warm #Autumn evening, sit outside, light your candles, and feel how the season is changing.

Master the art of relaxation

Or have fun trying! Have a #pamper night, remember all those products that you’ve been hoarding and never used? Now is the time to test them!

Run a bubble bath, grab a good book, a glass of your tipple of choice and lay back and relax!

Set the scene by lighting some candles.

A beekeeper once said to me – when you burn a #beeswaxcandle a little piece of #Summer is still here, bringing its warmth and glow. I like that – that makes me smile!

Enjoy your me time – you deserve it!