Is an Eco-Friendlier Valentine’s Day Possible?

Updated: Feb 12

Valentine’s Day is just under a week away and Love is in the air here at Bee-spoke Candles.

We’ve challenged ourselves to see if there is another way to celebrate this day which isn’t wasteful and doesn’t result in the non-consumable gifts ending up in landfill.

Now there is nothing wrong with staying with the tried and tested teddy bear holding a love heart – I should know I have lots in boxes stored lovingly in the loft! If that’s your thing than great, but why not choose to make this Valentine’s Day about love, showing the people you love that you care and give them an experience rather than an item to be stored away.

To me, Valentine’s Day isn’t about being in a relationship, it’s about appreciating the people we love and showing them how much we care.

So put pen to paper and write a thank you note to someone who has helped you, been there for you. Tell them what they mean to you, writing your own words on recycled paper makes the perfect eco-friendly way to say, “Thank you – I love you.”

I’ve never eaten out on Valentine’s Day, for me home is the place to be. Cooking a meal at home means more than simply passing Hubby’s credit card to a waiter! I know restaurants need our business after the last two years, but I choose to support mine when they’re not full with couples talking in hushed tones, the usual buzz and chatter of the restaurant lost.

So, we go out for the full cheesy experience at home. Out comes the best crockery, candles, Champagne (well Prosecco) and a choccy desert! The best restaurant in town!

Finally, ditch the box of choccies with their plastic separators and go to your local Bakery or Deli where you can find delicious goodies wrapped with paper.

There are lots of lovely hampers out there, whether you or your loved one is a foodie or a lover of tea and coffee, wine, natural cosmetics, soaps etc there are plenty of low waste, consumable gifts out there.

What ever you're doing this Valentine's Day - enjoy and stay save.