Cheap Imported Beeswax versus Locally Sourced Beeswax

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Beeswax candles cost more in comparison to paraffin, soy and other wax candles and as beeswax grows in popularity so does the demand for cheaper supplies of beeswax.

Whether you are sourcing beeswax for your own business or you personally like beeswax for your candles, cosmetics and other products made with beeswax, please note - not all beeswax is created the same.

It’s sad but the truth is some beeswax producers have a dirty little secret. Unfortunately, beeswax producers remain unregulated and therefore can make unsubstantiated claims about their products without repercussions.

This can lead to dishonest practices including:


This process involves mixing pure beeswax with additives such as paraffin and even bleach to dramatically reduce the production cost of the product.


Using pesticides and contaminates that are banned here in the UK but can be used legally in the exporting country.

Farming the bees

This process involves exclusively feeding the bees sugar water instead of allowing the bees to forage naturally. This process is cruel to the bees and reduces the quality of the beeswax. Then there is the process of collecting the beeswax, some harvesting methods used are beyond questionable.

Labelling as organic

Some beeswax and beeswax products may be labelled organic when they’re not. Here in the UK you must register with an organic control body if you're going to produce, prepare, store, import or sell organic products. You're breaking the law if you call a product 'organic' and it hasn't been inspected and certified by one of the UK's 9 organic control bodies. When buying be savvy and ask for a copy of their certificate.

Most of these revolting practices occur with imported beeswax, but even UK producers can (and do) make unsubstantiated claims about the purity of their beeswax.

Our Promise

We will never use imported beeswax and we will always have traceability on the beeswax we use. We will never use beeswax from beekeepers where we do not trust or feel comfortable with the way they harvest their honey and wax. Our beeswax is left pure and doesn’t contain any other waxes or fillers.

Our candles will never be cheap, and we will never win the cheap beeswax candle war– but we can live with that!

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