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Floating Candle Centrepieces

Autumn will soon be here, and the days of Summer are slowing fading away. So, make the most of the last days of summer by having a late summer patio party. Candles are perfect for summer evenings and particularly floating candles; they look pretty and can help you make lovely centrepieces.

Keeping it Simple

You can keep it simple by just filling a glass bowl with water and lovely floating candles. The warm amber glow of the candles and the reflections off the water, will create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Or why not add the petals of your favourite flower or some foliage?

The WOW Factor

For the wow factor, take 3 or 4 tall glasses and fill them with water. Add flowers to the glasses along with some foliage. Top each glass with a lovely floating candle and place the glasses in the centre of your table. To add a lovely reflective effect, place the glasses on a piece of rectangular mirrored glass. Alternatively place the glasses on a table runner, in a contrasting colour to add a beautiful effect to your table.

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