New Product News - The Hearts and Flowers Collection

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

There’s a new product that is making a buzz at Bee-spoke Candles and is also making a retro splash! The new Hearts and Flowers floating candle collection will be available in time for spring / summer 2019.

The Hearts and Flowers collection includes beautiful delicate floating Marguerite Daisies and floating Hearts all made from pure beeswax.

The Marguerite Daisy is much loved and visited by our little bee friends. I couldn't think of a better tribute to salute these bee-autiful pollinators other than creating a beautiful candle collection in their honour.

This collection is perfect for outdoor summer evenings! Combining the warm amber glow of the candles and the reflections off the water, will make for a peaceful and relaxing burning experience. These new additions to my candle collections make beautiful centerpieces, perfect for your home and wedding décor.

Like all my Beeswax Candles, the Hearts and Flowers collection are all natural, non-toxic and are chemical and additive free.

Due to the intricacy of their design each Marguerite Daisy will burn for approximately 1 hour. But whilst the flowers may fade each Heart candle will continue burning for approximately 2 hours.

Why not try these for yourself? I would love to see your photos!

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