What does Autumn mean to you?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It’s September and it's been a long hot summer here in the UK. My calendar says that Autumn starts on Sunday 23rd September - Are you ready to welcome back Autumn? What does Autumn mean to you? Digging out your hat, scarves, gloves and woolly jumpers ready for when there is a ‘nip’ in the air?

As the trees feel the season change showing their beautiful Autumn colours, I love to think that this is natures final flourish before the harshness of winter sets in.

For me, Autumn often means lighting the fire in the evening to take off the chill, closing the garden down for winter and time permitting, settling down with a good book and lighting a few candles. My choice of candle always includes beeswax Tealights and solid beeswax Pillar Candles.

Burning a beeswax candle always reminds me of Summer, the long sunny days and the hum of the garden. I don’t feel quite so sad saying good bye to Summer knowing that each time I burn a beeswax candle a little piece of Summer is still here, bringing its warmth and glow.

Autumn also means harvesting Autumn fruits from the garden, Raspberries, Plums and Apples, resulting in warming Autumn fruit crumbles and pies!

And finally, when all the leaves have fallen to the ground who can resist long walks and kicking your way through the leaves? So, is Autumn so bad?

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