Please burn your Beeswax Candles!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Yesterday I bumped in to a friend who is also a regular customer and she proudly announced that she had finally burnt one of my candles. This surprised me somewhat, as this lady does order a lot of candles from me. So, what had she been doing with all the candles she had purchased from me if she had not been burning them? Some were bought as presents and the ones she had bought for herself she had been saving. She couldn’t bring herself to burn them as they looked so beautiful!

So, following a short discussion she finally declared to me that candles are for burning - Hurrah!!

Her candles had been sitting there for a while looking pretty but when she finally lit them she said they looked perfect, inviting and warm.

This got me thinking and I'm sure you have read the quotes on social media saying not to save something for a special/rainy day? Well it’s true! Why would you save that perfume or not wear that dress? Wear them now, burn those candles, drink that bottle of wine you have been saving!

Bring your Candles to life and light them, appreciate them and enjoy burning them. After all that is what they were made for – enjoy!

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