It's Summer!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

It’s June and the start of our Summer here in the UK. It was a long winter but now the sun is shining, and the days are long – perfect! This means that it’s time to get outside invite your friends and family round for your next BBQ or patio party.

Candles are perfect for summer evenings when dining “alfresco”. Bee-spoke Candles have handmade pure beeswax candles to suit your outdoor gatherings.

Pillar Candles or our Rolled Candles are perfect for those sheltered areas and when it is not too breezing. Whilst our Pillars do look lovely in a hurricane candle holder, we don’t recommend using these holders as they hold in heat that may cause the beeswax to spill over.

If it is breezy and affecting your pure beeswax Pillar candle, then use our pure beeswax Tealights burning in a hurricane candle holder. The high glass walls of this kind of candle holder will provide protection from the wind and will still provide a wonderful amber glow with a hint of honey aroma – gorgeous!!

We hope you enjoy your summer and make wonderful memories.

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