Beeswax Candles - Can temperature affect the burn?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Now then there is a question! Our opinion, yes it does. Well we know temperature is a factor in the making of our rolled candles, in the summer they feel different to the ones we make in winter. The wax is more pliable in summer and the wax feels ‘free’, it allows you to mould it. So that’s the making of our rolled candles, what about the burning?

It isn’t just about room temperature, there are other factors to be taken into account but for the moment we will start with room temperature.

Ok, a cold room means that the candle will more than

likely burn slowly. Good news in a way as this means

that the candle will last longer but the flame will be small.

Who wants a pint-sized flame when it’s cold outside,

we want that warm flame, that warm inviting feeling,

sitting in front of a roaring fire, glass of red wine in the

hand – sorry we're getting carried away but you get the


So make that candle part of the family – it’s got a lot to give!

Now on to surface temperature. We bet you never thought for one moment that burning a candle could be so scientific! At the end of the day this is beeswax we are looking at, not your paraffin cheapo candle bought from the discount shop. Surface temperature is a factor and in particularly affects tealights. Burn these on a cold surface and they will burn slowly, the flame will be smaller and you may not get a complete burn with beeswax left at the bottom of the cup.

So have a think about where you are going to burn them and try to avoid cold window seals, tiles etc.

So want about hot rooms? Well, we have all seen the photos in magazines showing candles (pillar) burning brightly on top of a mental/fire surround and even on the top of a blazing log burner! The log burner is a definite no no, unless you enjoy clearing up the mess! Burning candles (pillar) on a mental/fire surround can be done but don’t burn the candles to close together and keep a watch over how they are burning, too hot and they will melt and you will be left with a mess.

Enjoy your candles!

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