Our Pledge for 2016 - To help bees and our other pollinator friends!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Spring apparently is in the air! Can we tempt anyone to also pledge to sow/plant pollen & nectar rich plants in your garden and to create a Bee & Bee (a bee house)?

Over the past years we have been trying to make sure that the plants in our garden are pollen and nectar rich and we're pleased to say we have seen an increase in the bee and butterfly population in our garden.

Last Spring/Summer we had a Leaf-cutter Bee use our shop bought Bee & Bee which we positioned in our climbing rose. Leaf-cutter Bees famously cut discs out of leaves (they are very partial to roses), gluing the discs together with saliva in order to build the ‘cells’ in which their larvae live. The larvae hatch and develop, pupating in autumn and hibernating over winter. We managed to get a photo and we're hoping to have more Leaf-cutter Bees as a result of providing a Bee & Bee!

Also last summer we managed to get a beautiful photo of this Red Admiral butterfly who came for a sun bathe on our patio.

So by taking a little time, thought and effort you really can make a difference!

The first link below to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) website which has a list of all pollen & nectar rich plants for your garden by seasons. So your garden will be full of all the plants our little pollinator friends need.

The second link is to the Friends of the Earth (FOE) website where they are running ‘The Bee Cause’ which is calling on the UK Government to show real commitment to reversing bee decline.

There are tips and advice on how to create bee-friendly spaces and you can join in on the 2016 Great British Bee Count which runs from 19th May to 30th June.

If you do take part, let us know how you get on x

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