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About Bee-spoke Candles

Hand Crafted 100% Pure English Beeswax Candles Nottingham UK

Selling exclusively to the UK (excl. Ireland)

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Welcome to “Bee-spoke Candles”.


We make beautifully hand crafted 100% natural beeswax candles made from locally sourced beeswax from the East Midlands, UK (no cheap imports), with much of my wax sourced from a beekeeper only 3 miles away.


All our candles have a 100% natural cotton wick, and all decorations are either recyclable, re-usable or bio-degradable.


Eco-friendly packaging - no plastic and packaging is kept to a minimum, made of reusable or recyclable materials.


We hope we have what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require an item personalised or require a large personal order.


Unfortunately, wholesale is not available at this time.


Why Beeswax?


Well, Beeswax is natural, toxin, chemical and additive free. Candles made from Beeswax are naturally scented by the honey and floral nectar from the honeycomb and are gentler on the environment outside and inside your home.


Beeswax candles are rare compared to candles found in most shops and supermarkets. They look beautiful and add a touch of luxury.  Beeswax candles have long been coveted for their inherent honey scent, and naturally long burning qualities.  We pride ourselves on making beautiful candles that you can be proud to own and burn.


As a by-product of food pollination and honey production, beeswax is a truly natural wax. Created by Bees, Beeswax is 100% natural, non-toxic with no additives. and has its own natural fragrance provided by Mother Nature and you can't beat perfection!


By using beeswax we are helping our local beekeepers by ensuring they have a viable and sellable by-product from honey production.​After all without the honey bee and other pollinators our food supply is in trouble.

When our wax arrives from local apiaries it is already filtered but we filter it again on site so that we can be confident that it is free of impurities. Bee-spoke candles are carefully handcrafted using top quality cotton wick selected specifically for each candle. We test dozens of different wick styles and sizes each time we develop a new candle. It’s these small things that mean our candles will provide a great burn every time.

Read more about bees:

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